Health Hub Teams is a digital platform which uses scientific data to improve employee health and wellbeing. We aim to create happier, healthier businesses through nutritional, mental and physical health support.

Your team,
their health,
joint performance.

Health Hub Teams is about preventative healthcare and lifestyle management. We use blood test data to create personalised plans and by combining the human touch with digital healthcare, we connect employees with experts and empower teams to pro-actively live, feel and work at their very best.

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Looking after the mental and physical wellbeing of your team.

Our data-led services help to create a healthy, happy workforce, which means fewer sick days, increased productivity and greater retention.

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How many employees in your organisation?


are struggling with some form of mental health issue.


lost per year due to health-related issues physical and mental.


This is the annual cost of illness in the workplace.

Please note figures are estimated and based on UK research.

How it works

A scientific approach to employee health and wellbeing means combining all data in one place. All Health Hub Teams benefits are managed and accessed through your digital dashboard. Whether it’s booking an appointment with a nutritional therapist, checking test results or looking at meal planners, it’s all here.

Creating your package

Your people and your business are unique. Health Hub Teams provides a set of core services which can be selected to create the exact support required by your teams.

Health+Happiness Analyser

Monitors mental wellbeing and provides weekly updates with personalised insights and tips across areas including stress, financial worry and lifestyle.

Health Screen

Test 31 blood markers to analyse your health and wellbeing through our onsite phlebotomy visits.

Nutritional Therapy

1-2-1 consultation sessions with our team of BANT-registered nutritional therapists provide a personalised service to create a nutrition plan for you.

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier workforce.

Package Options

Customise your package according to your business requirements. Choose the core services which your business needs to increase team wellbeing, happiness and productivity.

Health Hub Teams Dashboard
In-depth profile builder Captures goals, symptoms, health conditions, lifestyle and nutrition
BMI checker Check and track BMI
Video 1-2-1 consultations Attend all consultations via the dashboard
Nutrition and lifestyle content Weekly tips, recommendations and updates on nutrition and wellbeing
Recipes Weekly seasonal, tasty and healthy recipes
Resources Blogs, menus, vitamin info and healthy recommendations
Nutritional Therapy
BANT-registered nutritional therapist 1-2-1s 50-min initial and 20-min follow-up consultations
Individualised nutrition planning Strategic nutrition planning devised for the individual to work towards goals
Personalised health goals and tasks Nutrition and lifestyle smart targets to track and maintain focus
Ongoing support Live chat and email access to NTs
Health Screen
Health Blood Screen - 31 key markers Onsite phlebotomy appointments
Comprehensive results report with GP summary View and download report and GP summary from the dashboard
GP red flag alert email Blood markers requiring GP referral will be notified
Health+Happiness Analyser
Health+Happiness Analyser Weekly interaction via check-in questions
Personalised insights Tips and recommendations tailored to support emotional welfare
Monthly reporting on workplace mental health Monthly report

All our practitioners are registered with either

Health Hub Teams can help your team.